Communication without mediation

In this new era of communication the world are connected to a single, old media tending to lose their power to new social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. So what often happens and people get high posting exposes everything you want, these situations do not happen only with ordinary citizens, but also with companies and artists. All this exposure has its upside and also a downside to both sides.

Generally users do not run as many risks as companies and television stars, usually what really happens nowadays is that many artist use facebook and twitter in your self-promotion and direct access to his followers, this becomes increasingly common helping reporters that require new stories daily.

One example is the new star of Brazilian football Neymar Junior,who had constantly used the social networks without any help, and after getting a bad exposure, decided to hire a team of public relationsprofessionals to assist him in his social networks posting. So the player now has gained more publicity and ensured his good image

Nike publicitynike

Project water potable

  What was only a direct means of communication between the star and the public, has become a means of auto exposure, gain publicity and debate on noble causes. Neymar already has over 7,486,103 followers on Twitter and 12 million followers on Facebook being among the new superstars.

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Many companies in various industries are using social networks as an aid to communication between the company and the public, businesses use their profiles to publicize new products and interact with their customers and advertising, some companies tv are using twitter to be news in they programs of entertainment.


by Jessie Serrao dos santos


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