The power of social networks in the diffusion and division of protests in Brazil


The largest protests of recent decades occurred in Brazil and can influence there is a new way of protest and organization in the world, was achieved starting from social networks like Facebook and Twitter that provided a kind of mobilization that for more than two decades was not seen in country. But thanks to the speed, efficiency and anonymity of online activism, a movement emerged amorphous and clumsy, outside the control of those who initially started asking changes and gather in the streets over one million people and creating a process of protest and discussion endless within social networks.

 Enormity of Brazil protests:

Protests in Brazil began with the Free Pass Movement, a group of about 40 activists who started the marches by reduced transport rate in São Paulowhich generated conflict with the protesters and the police revealed the government and the World’s Greatest and so angst to model the population starting mobilization of social networks that allow you to organize without centralizing.


The assembled pages on Facebook for coordinating logistics and Twitter hashtags sprang nonstop protests calling for hundreds of Brazilian cities criticizing and demanding an end to corruption and criticism of spending over 25 billion dollars for the Cup 2014 . The protest in Brazil ganhoram international visibility with the help of mobilizations of millions of Brazilians who live abroad.

„Social networking helped us organize ourselves without having leaders,“ said Victor Damaso, 22, who attended a rally in Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo. „Our ideas, our requirements are discussed by Facebook. Meetings There are no rules.“.

A Day in the Life of Social Media


Protests continue in Brazil, and much of their exisgencias already been answered by the Brazilian government, thereby showing that this mobilization, through social networks are really effective and can help change the social, political and economic, is being estam making the most effective means of information that own media.

Today the internet and a great tool for globalization and social networks are no longer the most effective means of communication between its users to be the principal means of social mobilization.


by Jessie Serrao dos santos


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